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Assistant Professor, College of the Environment and Life Sciences
The University of Rhode Island



Robin Dunkin, Active Learning in Large Lectures

 Link to Video


Building a 21st-century teaching center at UCSC

Jody Greene, Director, Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning,


Academic Excellence (ACE) Program at UCSC: Collaboration to Community

Nancy Cox-Konopelski, 8 March 2018


Designing, refining, and assessing CUREs (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences)

Jordan Moberg Parker, 10 May 2018


Using Canvas for Active Learning

Leslie Kern, 9 November 2017 


HHMI-UC STEM Faculty Learning Community Online Workshop

Effective Use of Student Response Systems in Large Lecture Halls

March 2017


Challenge documents calling for changes in teaching science

PCAST Report Engage to Excel
*AAAS-NSF Vision & Change Report 


What is "Active Learning" 
(the "flipped" classroom)?

Colorado SEI Flipping Guide

Chronicle of Higher Ed "Guide to Flipping..."

*NYT article featuring UCDavis effort

Evidence that Active Learning works

Michael, J. 2006


Impact of a disadvantaged educational backgrounds on university learning

Course structure impact on URM students


Changing the curriculum: What do we want our students to learn to do?

*AAMC-HHMI report on pre-med competencies 
NAS on Convergence

PULSE web site

Testing students understanding of experimental design

DasGupta et al. 2014 


Efforts on other campuses


iAMSTEM hub at Davis*
*U. Colorado Boulder Science Education Initiative web site

Workshop Materials


Colorado Workshop, June 2015