2016-2017 Seminars

Thursday, October 13

Biomed 300

Lessons from a successful flip with Robin Dunkin

Host: Susy Honig 

Thursday, November 10

Biomed 300

Engaging, Luring, and Immersing Undergraduates in the Biological Sciences with Professor Rolf Christoffersen (UCSB)

Host: Susy Honig

Thursday, December 8th

Biomed 300

Research Deconstruction: Building Knowledge and Self-Efficacy by Demystifying Sophisticated Science with Professor Grant Hartzog

Host: Professor Manny Ares

Thursday, January 12th

Biomed 300

The natural history of UCSC life sciences majors with Professor John Tamkun

Host: Professor Manny Ares

Thursday, February 9th

Biomed 300

Engaging Students in General and Organic Chemistry Courses: Authentic Practice in Laboratory Courses, Near Peer Instruction, and Active Engagement in Large Organic Lectures with Professor Anne Baranger

Host: Gabe Mednick

Thursday, March 9th

Biomed 300

You Matter, You Belong: Closing the Achievement Gap with Pat James (California Community Colleges) and Francine Van Meter (Cabrillo College)

Host: Gabe Mednick

Thursday, April 13th

Biomed 300

Taking a scholarly route to institutional change: Theory, practice and tools to support educational transformation in STEM with Professor Noah Finkelstein (University of Colorado Boulder, Department of physics)

Host: Colin West

Thursday, May 11

Biomed 300


UC Santa Cruz Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Initiatives: Documenting the journey of transforming CL-Math 2 (College Algebra) course into an Active Learning Experience

Active Learning Seminar